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  • Sprintsys a well known brand for HR & Payroll Management Solutions have covered maximum functional areas incorporates daily in an small medium enterprise or an large organization.
  • We have been appreciated for HR & Payroll Management Software, hyderabad defined by quality and assurance in providing best service to the customers from several years.
  • Our Human Resources application derives the entire process endure in an organization and Payroll Management System defines the payments exertion which suits all the employee utilities as well.
  • Our HR & Payroll Management Software process performs Quality Recruitment, Placement or Job allocation, Employee Management Process, Payroll System and Relieving Formalities at the end.
  • Our generic modules are Master Module for employee profile, Recruitment Process for Employee recruitment, Employee Management for PF, ESI and Allowances, Payroll Module for Salary, Appraisal or Leave allocation and Relieving Module for managing their settlement PF amount regaining, etc.
  • We simply manage the Employee enrollment details in our Master module like feeding Staff database, Staff education profile, certificate credentials, previous employability record maintenance and much more with image uploading facility.
  • We follow a unique cycle for Recruitment process like Sourcing or Filtering database, Candidate Screening, Mock and Final interview, Profile Short listing, Certification Verifying, Offer Letter Disbursement and Joining Formalities.
  • Our experts have designed Staff management module in a convenient way where an employee or a labour can understand his affiliation, allocation and responsibility easily.
  • We have incorporated maximum features like Staff personal details, Training & Skill development, Performance management, HR benefits, Attendance monitoring and Leave management in Employee management module.
  • Our Payroll calculation exerted with justified deductions of Salary accumulation, Leaves availed, Salary Advance, PF loan, etc. and inclusion of Appraisals, Allowances, Perks, Bonus, PF and ESI.
  • Our HR & Payroll Management System most concerned in Employee Benefits as calculating Perks, Bonus redeem, Allowances fixation, Incentives calculation, Leave assigning and much more.
  • An HR can execute Leave package as Attendance monitoring, off pay, paid leave, medical leave, maternity leave, disability enhancement, insurance claiming, retirement benefits and FML(Family Medical Leave) from our Software.
  • We have covered all Employee supporting facilitated formalities at the time of Relieving like Final Settlement, PF Settlement, Form16 endorsement, ESI claiming and much more.
  • We have built the application in according to manage No. of Employees, Infinite Staffs HR system, Payroll System, anytime diversification or customization can be done appropriately as per clients needs.
  • Our HR & Payroll Management System designed as trouble-free front end panel, bug free coding part, instant query resolving, secured user access, department wise entries, etc.
  • Our flexible core technologies are much easier to work as user friendly, flexible, easy to install, maintenance free, easy accessible, manages the external and internal resources of an organization.
  • We have been awarded as Best HR & Payroll Manangement System Providers, hyderabad in India by our valuable customers on satisfying their need on regular interval.


  • Surplus Benefits towards Admin part
  • Payroll processing with HR compliance
  • Cost effective and time consuming application
  • Integrated employee profile database
  • Track working hours.
  • Simplified Data Analysis
  • Tax compliance
  • Auto Salary Calculation
  • Pertain Pay slips
  • Shift, Leave, Time and Attendance Management
  • Reimbursements
  • Provident fund
  • Salary statement
  • Timesheet based labor costs
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Customer relationship management
  • Data Export to Microsoft Excel, Word, PDF and etc.
  • Company Status Details